About Us

Artistheat is inspired by magazines like Complex.com, highsnobiety, hypebae.com and lots of more creative magazines like creativeboom.com

Creativity is getting inspired but still building something fresh and new. A company that does it different. That is just a little different than the rest. 

We focus on artists and creatives worldwide and we focus on upcoming talent who deserves a stage.

You made it, but who do you bring to the top with you? You give them a stage online? 

Hiphop, R&b and pop music of course, but not only musical talent, also designers,make-up artists, stylists, influencers/creators and everyone who deserves an online stage. You are talented? You belong on Artistheat!

Its always the same people in the media, and we want to give new upcoming artist a stage, an allround platform to show theirselves tot he world. So this is an ANTI Kardashians website. The media is obsessed with them and does not know how to discover new talent. 

There we come in! 

We bring you the real heat for everyone who deserves it!

PS: don’t forget your website design as artist! We are here for your website design and visuals also. Check out: mandybdesigns.com and get in contact. 

Artist Heat



Founder | Owner | CEO | Creative director | Writer

A dutch entrepreneur

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