Underrated Comedians You Should Know in 2024

Underrated Comedians You Should Know in 2024

Comedy is underrated as art form. But is is an art form and should have more appreciation. It can give you light in dark times. It can make you laugh when you actually want to die. Focus on dope comedians instead of the trashians in media daily. Its always the same news and people. So boring. Then we are here. Innovative, creative and supportive for underrated industries and people.

Comedy is constantly evolving, with new voices and perspectives shaping the landscape. While there are many famous household-name comedians, plenty of talented rising stars deserve more attention. In 2024, here are some of the most underrated comedians you should check out.

Fumi Abe

Fumi Abe is a Japanese-American comedian based in Los Angeles. She brings a unique bicultural perspective to her comedy, touching on Asian stereotypes, dating troubles, and growing up with immigrant parents.

Abe initially pursued a career in the corporate world before trying to stand up on a whim at an open mic night. She was hooked and has been performing regularly ever since. Her relatable jokes and self-deprecating charm have earned her spots at clubs like The Comedy Store, The Laugh Factory, and Flappers Comedy Club.

In 2022, Abe was named one of the “New Faces of Comedy” at the prestigious Just for Laughs comedy festival in Montreal. She’s also appeared on Viceland’s “Flophouse” and has opened for significant headliners like Russell Peters.

Watch for Fumi Abe as her star continues to rise in the comedy world. Her sharp cultural observations and easygoing likeability make her an up-and-coming comedian worth watching.

Brian Bahe

Brian Bahe is a stand-up comedian with Navajo roots who brings a unique Native American perspective to his comedy. Based in Los Angeles, Bahe pokes fun at Native American stereotypes and shares tales of growing up on and off the reservation.

Bahe originally started doing comedy while attending the University of Arizona. After college, he continued pursuing stand-up, performing at clubs nationwide and colleges on the Native American comedy circuit. He’s now a regular at The Comedy Store, The Laugh Factory, and the Improv comedy clubs.

In 2021, Bahe released his debut comedy album, “Res-Erection,” which combines hilarious cultural commentary with stories from his life. He was also featured on the TV show “Hart of the City” on Comedy Central.

With his laidback delivery and ability to shed light on rarely heard experiences, Brian Bahe’s comedy is insightful, engaging, and seriously funny. As one of the most prominent Native American stand-up comedians working today, he’s a talent to look out for.

Ralph Barbosa

A veteran of the Boston comedy scene, Ralph Barbosa has been cracking up New England audiences for over 20 years. This Portuguese-American comic combines high-energy physical comedy with accents, impressions, and musical parody.

Barbosa got his start in comedy by taking improv classes at the Acme Comedy Theater in Boston. After honing his skills, he began performing stand-up regularly at clubs like the Comedy Studio, Dick Doherty’s Beantown Comedy Vault, and Nick’s Comedy Stop.

Over the years, Barbosa has opened for national headliners like Lenny Clarke and Steven Wright. He’s also appeared on podcasts like “The Josh and Hazel Podcast” and “The Comic’s Comic.” Barbosa performs a family-friendly act that allows him to work clean comedy rooms and late-night showcases.

Ralph Barbosa deserves more mainstream success outside of the Northeast for his tireless work on the New England comedy circuit and his versatile range of impressions and characters. With his contagious enthusiasm and talent for physical comedy, he will leave audiences doubled over in laughter.

Charlie Bardey and Natalie Rotter-Laitman (Exploration: LIVE!)

This Chicago-based comedy duo combines original music, improv, and quirky charm in their acclaimed live show Exploration: LIVE! Charlie Bardey and Natalie Rotter-Laitman are multifaceted performers with backgrounds in improv comedy and theater.

Bardey studied comedy writing and improv at Second City in Chicago. Rotter-Laitman’s experience includes clowning, commedia dell’arte, and years of theater training. Together, their dynamic partnership creates a show that’s equal parts improv game, wacky sketch, and musical comedy.

Exploration: LIVE! has been staged at venues and comedy festivals across the Midwest to delight audiences. Based on audience suggestions, Bardey and Rotter-Laitman improvise songs on the spot and participate in segments like “Downton Abbey on Ice.” Their natural chemistry and quick wit keep the show fast-paced and hysterical.

Fans of short-form improv, musical comedy, and general theatrical rambunctiousness must check out Exploration: LIVE! Charlie Bardey and Natalie Rotter-Laitman deserve more widespread recognition for their unique and highly entertaining comedy act.

Sophie Buddle

A rising star in the Toronto stand-up scene, Sophie Buddle is quickly gaining renown for her charmingly absurdist comedy. Her act playfully deconstructs topics like relationships, pop culture, and millennials’ everyday anxieties.

Buddle got her start studying theater and comedy at the University of Ottawa. After working as an improv comic, she began pursuing stand-up and discovered her knack for crafting inventive written material.

In 2020, Buddle taped her first TV gala at the prestigious Just for Laughs festival in Montreal. She’s released episodes of her podcast “Filling the Void with Sophie Buddle” and appeared on CBC’s “LOL: Last One Laughing Canada.”

With her imaginative jokes, creative comedic perspective, and star-quality stage presence, Sophie Buddle has all the ingredients for mainstream comedy success. This quick-witted young stand-up is poised to become a significant Canadian and American comedy player.

Curtis Cook

A gifted musical comedian, Curtis Cook blends comedy and songwriting in clever, catchy ways. He’s become a staple performer on the New York City comedy circuit, regularly hosting shows and headlines at clubs like Carolines on Broadway.

After becoming frustrated with dating apps like Tinder, Cook first tried comedic music. He wrote a parody song about his experiences that was an online hit, receiving over 500,000 views on Facebook.

Since then, Cook has expanded his musical comedy act to cover topics ranging from pop culture to millennials’ everyday struggles. His songs are insightful, melodic, and packed with punchlines. Cook accompanies himself on guitar or ukulele, adding to the tuneful hilarity.

In addition to stand-up clubs, Curtis Cook has performed at music venues like Rockwood Music Hall and significant comedy festivals. He’s released several comedy singles digitally, including the viral hit “Have You Tried Online Dating, It Sucks.” Cook’s blend of witty writing and skilled musicianship makes his work irresistibly chuckle-worthy.

Katrina Davis

An up-and-coming star of the Denver comedy scene, Katrina Davis shares hilarious takes on being a single black woman in the modern age. Her conversational style and bubbly presence make audiences feel like they’re laughing with a friend.

Davis got her start in stand-up after working as a radio personality in Colorado. She took the plunge into comedy by signing up for an open mic and soon discovered a passion for crafting jokes.

In recent years, Davis has won several competitions at the Comedy Works South club in Denver. She performs regularly at clubs across Colorado and hosts her monthly show, “Katrina’s Comedy Playground.”

Davis dishes out hilarious opinions on topics ranging from dating and relationships to pop culture and politics. With her relatable point of view and outgoing personality, she’s an up-and-comer destined for big things in the comedy world.


The comedy landscape is filled with new voices just waiting to be discovered. Fumi Abe, Brian Bahe, Ralph Barbosa, Charlie Bardey and Natalie Rotter-Laitman, Sophie Buddle, Curtis Cook, and Katrina Davis are some of the many talented comedians on the rise in 2024.

With their fresh takes on culture, sharp joke writing, and undeniable stage presence, these comedians showcase the future of comedy. So next time you’re looking for a new comedian to follow or see live, check out these underrated rising stars. The following big household names in comedy are amongst these brilliant up-and-coming comics waiting to be noticed.

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